Anjana Nair

Scarab Delight -Framed

  • Rs. 5,000.00
The inspiration for this print was a scarab beetle I spotted with the most glorious metallic coat, feasting on a fig from the Gular (Cluster-fig) tree. A great gift for anyone interested in botanical art, insects, plants and nature.

The image is first carved out of a linoleum block, then individually hand pressed using professional non-toxic relief ink on acid-free paper. Please be aware that although all these prints come from the same block there will be slight variations in size and print due to the nature of working by hand, each one will be completely unique which adds to the magic of buying & creating handmade pieces of art. Each print is signed and numbered on the back by the artist.

This is framed piece.

Size: 13.5 x 14.5 inches

Care instructions: This print has been created using acid free and lightfast materials, but as with all works on paper, it’s best kept away from direct sunlight and moisture.