Jamnalal Kumhar

Riddhi Siddhi

  • Rs. 35,000.00

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Size : 23" x 32" 

Medium : Terracotta



Jamnalal is a Master terracotta sculptor who lives and works in a beautiful village called Molela in Rajasthan. The mud he works with is from the banks of the Beas river. Traditionally, he made tiles that were 2D and flat, painted bright colours, used as votives for festivals and celerations by villagers from all around the states of northern India. His vision is so amazing that he can take a brief and produce anything that he creates with his tiles : from a banyan tree made from 56 tiles for a swimming pool wall to a single tile logo for a film company to a Ganesh on a Bullet bike! He’s a wonderful, humble and very evolved man who lights up any room with his big smile and his gorgeous turban, and his sons work with him and help to install the bigger pieces. He teaches online with artists as far as Australia and Norway, and there’s no brief too wild for him! He loves us because we’ve pushed him to do things he never has before – and he loves the challenge! His craft is so one-with-the-earth : the mud, the glue (from a plant), the binder (donkey’s dung), the colours (plants and minerals) – we cannot let it fade away…