Raw Silk Ikat Necktie in Royal Blue

  • Rs. 3,136.00

Bringing the urban independent and the ethnic traditional culture to bring you this signature necktie from our curated handloom ties series. Take this opportunity to represent your connection with Indian-ness, whether you’re at a business meeting, an event, a festive occasion, a wedding or a social gathering - go ahead and make bring that final touch! A timeless classic for the urban explorer.

Comes with a contrast pocket square.

Necktie Material: Raw Silk
Craft: Handloom Ikat from Telangana, India
Ikat is a traditional craft technique that involves an intricate process of resist dyeing yarns and weaving on the handloom, which gives it a distinct style of patterns.


Note: Raised fibres are a natural characteristic of this handwoven fabric.

Size: Classic

Care instructions: Dry Clean only