Pranab Naryan Das


This painting is Sold, if you would like to see other work of Pranab, please click here

Size: 25" x 39""

Material : natural pigments on Tussar silk

Year : 2017


Pranab, Pattachitra artist from Orissa, was taken by Covid on April 24. We are devastated. He leaves behind an atelier he founded where they all worked closely under his charge, innovating by substituting tussar silk for the traditional canvas. The colours all come from ground minerals and the brushes are made from the hairs on a rat’s tail so that they are fine and stiff. Pranab worked with such finesse and so much passion that every tiny bit of his work is a masterpiece, most paintings taking months to complete.

He had a special place in his heart for us and came armed with the most famous sweets from Puri every time he visited. His wife, a brilliant palm leaf artist, is left with their 12 year old handicapped son, a 7 year old daughter and a group of 8 artists they supported. It’s a specially hard time for them, and we want to do everything we can to keep this atelier going. Pranab’s National Award cannot go in vain…