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Pair of Vintage Gauri Heads

  • Rs. 14,900.00

This vintage decor collectible is an ornate heavy brass Gauri head sourced from Akola in Maharashtra. The Gauri has well defined features with beautiful almond shaped eyes, small lips painted in red, traditional Maharashtrian hairdo, fine ornaments adorning the neck as well as the forehead. The piece is in good condition and would add that lovely traditional charm to your home.  Gauri is a representation of Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. She is symbolic of love, fertility and sacrifice. Usually adorned with ornaments, Gauri has immense grace and charm on her face. The worship of Gauri is prevalent in the India states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. 

Please note that vintage pieces may show some signs of wear and tear, owing to their age.

Dimensions: Length 8 cm Breadth 9 cm Height 12 cm

Care instructions: Wipe the piece with a soft, dry cloth. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, dampness, heat or cold.