Bhomra Design Co

Mohua - Heritage Border Stripes & Dots Saree

  • Rs. 13,700.00

While lal-shaada (red and white) sari is a quintessential part of every Bengali wardrobe, this Lal-Shaada comes with an element of surprise. Translucent stripes and red dots floating on the fabric, add a touch of contemporary to this masterpiece. Part of a set of revival designs, these age old, heritage jamdani patterns are a true testament of a bygone era. Each sari is painstakingly made over 21 days. And what you will finally have in your hands is the softest, lightest, most delightful bundle of heritage jamdani. This is a pure, handspun, handwoven 150 count, khadi cotton jamdani.  

Delivery time : This saree is made to order. Order will be despatched in 21 days from placing the order.