Lemongrass Essential Oil 30ml

  • Rs. 300.00

Lemongrass is a herb that belongs to the grass family of ‘Poaceae’. Lemongrass Essential Oil has a light & fresh lemony smell with earthy undertones. It is stimulating, relaxing, soothing & balancing. It Lessens anxiety & depression & aids in stress relief. It relaxes sore muscles & reduces pain in muscles & joints, lessens headaches & induces sleep. It keeps hair & nails healthy & attractive, reduces fever, acts as an astringent & boosts energy.
100% Natural Steam Distilled Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) Essential Oil.
How to use:
• Add few drops of lemongrass essential oil with jojoba oil –lightly massage into temples to reduce headache.
• Add few drops of lemongrass essential oil to coconut oil & massage on affected areas to reduce muscle pain.
• Mix 2-3 drops of lemongrass oil with any carrier oil you have such as almond oil or coconut oil & apply on your stomach area for relief from indigestion.
• Add 2-3 drops of lemongrass essential oil to boiling water for steam inhalation. Place your face over the bowl with a towel on your head. Breathe deeply & feel rejuvenated!

Quantity 30 ml

Care instructions: Essential oil precaution apply. Do a patch test before use.