Anwar Chitrakar

KALIGHAT : Playing With Pet

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Size : 18" x 26" (framed) 

Medium : organic colour on paper

Style : Kalighat

Year : 2019


Anwar is a Pattachitra artist from Bengal who has taken his traditional style and run with it, adding his own artistry, philosophy and interpretation to each. He paints new Kalighat pictures, reminiscent of the old caricatures of the early 19th century, and using the old style he makes statements on contemporary life, always funny but with a deeper meaning.

His canvases are based on the traditional pattachitra style but are far more sophisticated, adding dimensions of politics and social movements where each piece of art becomes much more than that. Anwar continues to live and work out of Medinipur but he has worked hard to make the move from folk art to nuanced,  contemporary art where the skills have been honed to include all the influences he has from the whole world that he inhabits. He has a great pride in each of his works and wants to tell the details of every story, an enormous pleasure we hope never to lose.