Jewellery Ratnapriya

  • Rs. 790.00

Each pair of jeans, consumes over 10,000 liters of water during growing cotton and during the manufacturing process, and also other resources including chemicals in abundance. Upcycling of this jewelry has resulted in indirect saving of all these resources. High hygiene and washing standards are maintained while giving old denim a fresh new look. 

Size: 58 cm X 3 cm

Weight: 150 gms

Disclaimer: Every Dwij piece of jewelry is unique! Thus, the piece of jewelry delivered to you may have different shades of blue, however the pattern remains the same.

Care instructions: Store your Dwij jewelry in a dry place. Wipe it with a damp cloth for regular maintenance. Spills and stains must be cleaned immediately. Gentle hand wash using mild soap and cold water is recommended. Do not soak and air dry it in a shade.