Padukas Artisans

Devi Bag

  • Rs. 2,000.00

Goddesses of Wisdom and Power hand embroidered and sewn on a 10” Jute Hand made shoulder bag. Glass and Ceramic beads are sewn on the purse to add decoration along with hand made jute tassels. The strap is also embroidered with matching colored thread. Purse has a magnetic closure to keep secure.

The Goddess' face is hand embroidered by trained tribal women who have little other opportunities to earn an income to take care of their family.
Our ladies have been stitching embroidery for one year full time for Padukas. They now are able to create beautiful faces of women. You can send us a photo of a flower you would like us to create.

Each padukas product is handmade, therefore original and unique. Indian fabrics scraps produced by the fashion Industry are collected, segregated, combined and hand stitched into beautiful objects of art by our team of seamstresses.These are tribal women from rural parts of India with very less opportunity to earn any income.Each product you buy gets us one step closer towards making 100 such women economically Independent!