Tyvek Backpack Gravity

  • Rs. 4,500.00

Created by Goa based Artist Reggie Goveas, This special edition Print is called “Gravity” - As the artist explains its meaning, "This is a call to action for everyone to question everything. Do not take anything for granted. There is no such thing as an un-burnished Truth. Even Newton, Einstein's theories must be constantly questioned. This is the 'Scientific Temperament' we must hold dear"

Made from waterproof fabrics and weighing a mere 450 gms, this bag packs a punch and can carry up to 7 kgs! It also has a separate ‘floating’ laptop compartment that can fit a 15-inch laptop. Designed to allow you to carry your Bandit ‘anyway you like it’: backpack, tote, sling, or by the handle by an easy tug of the backstrap; it also has back pads that provide added comfort and eases the load on your back. Have fun with changing the look – from a stylish rectangle to a softer rounded top just by an easy clasp of the side buttons.
Winner of 2 Design Awards: Designed by an Industrial Designer

Size: L-19" | W- 14"

Care instructions: Use carefree!