Cube Jamdani Khadi Mandarin Collar Shirt

  • Rs. 4,799.00

Kos is a colloquial unit of measurement of distance used since ancient India. Kos is inspired from travel experiences, how life tends to become slow and a little imperfect while traveling to not so commercial places.
Jamdani is one of the most laborious handwoven fabrics. Subtle motifs are woven completely by hand, no machine process is involved in weaving the fabric.
It takes almost 30 days to make an 11 meter fabric length. We at kos are in awe of the planning and skill the artisans make these beautiful fabrics. Each motif is woven during weaving into the fabric one at a time which give it great artisnal value.
These are excellent for summers as they are highly breathable and soft. The shirts are pre-washed in environment friendly and skin friendly enzymes which takes care of any additional shrinkage.

Pair them with shorts, chinos or denims and you are good to go