Camp Collar Indigo Shirt

  • Rs. 3,999.00

Kos is a colloquial unit of measurement of distance used since ancient India. Kos is inspired from travel experiences, how life tends to become slow and a little imperfect while traveling to not so commercial places.

The fabrics we used in this one is 100 % cotton with 40's count single ply khadi, completely hand spun and handwoven, dyed in natural indigo & a pre wash finish which is eco friendly and skin friendly takes care of shrinkage/ color bleeding and adds extra softness to it.
Not even an iota of electric powered equipment is used to make this fabric. From yarn spinning till weaving of the fabric everything is handmade.
For this design we have used natural indigo dyed khadi muslin and crafted it into a cuban collar shirt with minimal stitching lines giving it a clean look. Stitch embroidery on front pockets and back gives an interesting detail.
These are excellent for summers as they are highly breathable and soft. The shirts are pre-washed in environment friendly and skin friendly enzymes which takes care of any additional shrinkage.

Pair them with shorts, chinos or denims and you are good to go.