Laltu Chitrakar


This painting is Sold, if you would like to see other work of Laltu, please click here

Size - 22" x 7"

Medium : natural pigments on paper, backed with old sari fabric

Year : 2021

Frame : unframed  


Laltu comes from a long line of artist-storytellers in Medinipur, Bengal. They were like wandering minstrels, who travelled village to village with painted scrolls sometimes 15ft long, which they unraveled as they sang out the story to an audience. The stories ranged from religious ones to the Epics to just local news; the scrolls were painted on hand made canvas backed with old saris that kept them from fraying, and the paints were all plant and mineral pigments.

We met Laltu through his father Khadu, and while he inherited the craft and the skill, his vision was far bigger and he saw how to adapt to modern living : scrolls that were 7ft for apartment walls, colours that could be toned down, contemporary stories, t shirts, medallions… He heads a whole group that works together, and while his sister in law Togor is the Star we love most for her great aesthetic, Laltu’s greatest gift is the ability to innovate within his craft, and we love working with him for that. We love also when he comes to visit with specially painted accessories for the whole Baro Market team! He’s worked hard to make a whole team flourish, and we cannot let his hard work die.