Argan Oil

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Cold pressed ‘Argan oil ’ from Morocco (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil); It is is a rare & precious oil that is harvested & extracted from the nut of the’ argan tree’. For centuries, women across the ‘Mediterranean’ have used it in their beauty regimen for vibrant, healthy-looking skin & hair. It is now used by men & women all over the world seeking an effective, all-natural moisturizer for skin & hair.
100% Cold Pressed Argan (Argania spinosa L) Oil.
How to Use:
• Massage into hair – wash off in the morning for soft, smooth, healthy hair.
• Anti-frizz serum – Massage into hair – tames unruly, frizzy hair.
• Itchy/Dry Scalp Treatment – Massage into hair, leave on for at least an hour or overnight –relief from dry, itchy scalp & dull hair. Gives shining, healthy tresses.
• Beard Oil – Soften a scratchy beard by applying a drop or two of argan oil and combing it through. Argan oil can also be used to soothe irritated post-shave skin on the face and neck.
• It is wonderful face moisturizer
• Makeup Magic – Add a drop of argan oil to your liquid foundation, bronzer, or tinted moisturizer to achieve a luminous glow. The oil will also help to keep your foundation from drying out or looking cakey.
• Hydrating Toner – Add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite toner – ie. Rose blossom mist or (five blossom mist) for added hydration and a dewy glow.
• Razor Burn Serum – Simply apply a couple of drops to the razor burned areas. Argan oil helps to alleviate skin allergies and irritations.
• Nail Strengthener – Mix equal parts of argan oil and lemon juice and soak for 10-15 minutes. This treatment will limit nail breakage and give your nails a healthy glow.

Quantity 50 ml

Care instructions: Carrier oil precautions apply.