Red Bus Design Co.

Agate Slice Resin Coaster - White Opal

These unique set of 4 Agate Slice Coasters are made of epoxy resin in the shade pearl metallic white with gold leaf flakes in the center and the sides of the coaster are handpainted with gold paint. They are elegant and beautiful and gives a pop of colour to your interior. it is a perfect gift item.

Size: 4 inch X 2 mm depth

Care instructions: The product has been hand created with a lot of love and care. Please treat it with the same. The item is made of epoxy resin, it can be wiped down with a soft damp cloth. For indoor use only.

Special Note: This is a hand created product, and hence imperfections may occur. Please cherish it. Colours are represented quite accurately but slight variations may occur. 

Delivery time: 5 days.