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बूँद | Boond Fragrances Audh Dhoop - Agarwood Incense Cones

  • Rs. 539.00

Here's Audh Dhoop, the rich and luxurious fragrance of Agarwood to fill your home with warmth. 

The Incense comes in a handcrafted box. Each box includes:

* 25 incense cones 
* A handmade clay holder
* A special poem
* A handwritten note

Richly dipped in pure Agarwood: Each incense cone is richly soaked in pure Audh perfume handcrafted using the traditional deg-bhapka method.

Warm, woody notes: The cones diffuse a warm and woody fragrance in your home.

Natural and charcoal-free: The cones are made from natural ingredients and are completely charcoal-free, making them safe to breathe and free of harmful smoke.

Material : Pure and natural dhoop with no charcoal.

Package Quantity : 25 units

Box Size Measurement (LxWxH) : 15.25cms diameter* 3.81 height.

Size: Standard.

Care instructions: Store in a cool and dry place

Delivery: 7-9 days