Open to experimentation

Open to the past

Open to the future

Open to provocation

Open to all

47-A is a new gallery for design histories and contemporary design. It has been founded by Baro Market and Chatterjee & Lal, and year-round programming will engage with all aspects of design in a spirit of openness. The first exhibition at 47-A, ‘Open’, incorporates material chosen by Baro Market and Chatterjee & Lal respectively. It both signposts future programming that each will host, as well as establishing ongoing areas of interest. Central to the exhibition’s curatorial strategy is a shared belief that design, especially in the Indian context, should engage with audiences as widely as possible.

Girgaum - which incorporates Khotachi Wadi along with several neighbouring localities is a culturally rich part of Mumbai. It has played host over the last one hundred and fifty years to practitioners engaged in many disciplines related to the arts: in particular, Indian classical music and fine art. Khotachi Wadi is also blessed with a significant architectural history. In the best spirit of Mumbai’s cosmopolitanism, the local community represents great diversity and at 47-A we are committed to engage meaningfully with our neighbours in all our activities.


9 & 10 April 2022 | 12 Noon to 8 PM


12 April - 9 May 2022

Tuesday - Sunday | 12 Noon - 8 PM


47-A: Design Gallery, 47-A Khotachi Wadi, Ambewadi, Girgaum, Mumbai 400 004.